25 topic ideas for your business blog

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Small business owners: Whether you’re an old hand at blogging or you want to start a new blog for your business, you probably know that Rule No. 1 is to post informative, fresh and relevant content on a regular basis. That’s what keeps your customers and prospects coming back.

But sometimes, you simply can’t come up with a topic. Maybe you’re just starting up your blog and aren’t sure where to begin. Or perhaps you’ve been blogging for a while and feel like you’ve run out of ideas. Whatever your situation, here are 25 topics to help spark new post ideas.

25 blog topics

  1. Write a success story/case study for one of your customers that relates how your product or service helped them.

  2. Introduce your team to your customers and prospects by creating employee profiles and welcoming new employees.

  3. Create an FAQ of the questions you and your employees are most frequently asked about your business.

  4. Provide a recap of an industry-related event you attended; talk about what you learned, what kind of new products or improvements your customers can look forward to, etc. Post photos of the event and any local sights you visit.

  5. Write a best-of article. Example: Let’s say you sell bicycles. Create articles about the best trails for recreational bikers or the top five comfort bikes for seniors.

  6. Write a “how to choose” article. Example: If you own a consignment clothing store, write a post on “Look for these 10 flaws when shopping used.” If you sell appliances, the post could be, “6 things to look for in your next refrigerator.”

  7. Do a pros and cons article. Example: You own a children’s store. Write about the pros and cons of cloth diapers or making your own baby food.

  8. Create a benefits article. Example: You own a landscaping service. Write about the benefits of hiring a regular lawn service.

  9. Write an article on how to know if a business in your industry is qualified to perform the job. Example: “10 questions to ask before you hire a home contractor.”

  10. Talk about the misconceptions and myths around your industry. Example: Explore the myths around hiring an interior designer (e.g., myths about them being too expensive for the average person).

  11. Discuss news and trends in your industry. Example: “This year’s trends in kitchen design.”

  12. Write a “day in the life” post about what goes on behind the scenes during a typical day in your business. Include photos for additional interest.

  13. Guide readers through a typical job. Example: You’re a kitchen remodeler. Take them from quote to finished product, addressing timelines, how you order cabinets, installation and any other questions you’re often asked.

  14. Record a how-to video. Example: You’re a carpenter. Show readers how to build a simple item, like a footstool or a toy box.

  15. Draw up a list of industry experts to follow on social media.

  16. Come up with a contest or giveaway and introduce it in a blog article.

  17. Spotlight your favorite local charity. If your team participates in community service days there, add photos of your team helping out.

  18. Compile a list of helpful resources (e.g., websites, books, associations) that might interest your customers.

  19. Announce any honors or plaudits your business receives, such as being named a top industry business in your region or receiving a community service award.

  20. Promote upcoming special events. Example: A customer appreciation day; participation in a “ladies’ night out” event with exclusive sales; a charity food drive.

  21. Interview a leader/expert in your industry. You can even ask your blog readers to submit questions in advance.

  22. Write a series of posts. Example: How your customers (and you and your team) use your business’s product or service.

  23. Review products or services you or your team have used that your audience might be interested in.

  24. Profile your longest-standing customer. Include photos, if the customer is willing.

  25. Come right out and ask your customers in a post what new products or services they’d like to see and what else you can do to improve your business.

There are also online blog topic idea generators (although some may require monthly fees) that can all help spark ideas when the topic well runs dry. These include Jasper, Sumo, SEOPressor and HubSpot’s Blog Ideas Generator.

According to the Service Corps of Retired Executives (SCORE), an association of business mentors, customers who read your blog are 97% more likely to click on your website. So, use these ideas to keep those customers and prospects reading and clicking, and keep on blogging!