Mind flex: Top family games for 2021 and beyond

Cold or inclement weather provides the perfect opportunity for families to get together online or in person to enjoy some fun gaming. Here’s a roundup from TheSpruce.com of the best family games for 2021:

BEST overall game
The Original Rummikub (Pressman Toy)
This tile-based game is popular with all age groups, making it the perfect warmup for a serious game-a-thon. 

BEST board game
Qwirkle (MindWare) 
Easy to understand for young players, this board game will also provide a challenge for adults who like to apply strategic thinking. 

BEST for teams
Codenames (Czech Games)
Heavy on creative wordplay, this game encourages a lot of strategic thinking—which makes it both challenging and fun. 

BEST card game
Exploding Kittens 
As the ExplodingKittens.com website says, “It’s hilarious, cutthroat, and infinitely replayable.” It’s also one of the year’s most popular games. 

BEST video game
Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (Nintendo)
Up to four people can play this classic racing game together—or, if you can’t be in the same physical space, expand the fun with an online group of up to 12 players.

BEST for young children
Charades for Kids (Pressman)
A fun way to introduce the game of charades to children four years of age and older. You don’t have to be able to read to enjoy this one. 

BEST outdoor game
Six-Player Croquet Set (Ropoda)
On nice days, bond with family and friends by playing this classic lawn game. You can use traditional rules or make them up yourself. 

BEST for teenagers
What Do You Meme? Family Edition 
Tickle everyone’s sense of humor by trying to make the rotating “judge” laugh at your caption and image combinations.

Make the 2021 holiday season extra special with a regular game night. You’ll have fun, learn about each other and never forget the festive spirit that playing games together can create. And who knows? You may find a new favorite! 

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